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Metsä/Skogen Love

Kids Sweatshirt Born to Be Hugged grey

€ 59.00 EUR

Ladies Sweatshirt Flora Grey

€ 79.00 EUR

Ladies Sweatshirt Flora White

€ 79.00 EUR

Omorika Sweatshirt Tree Hugger

€ 79.00 EUR

Densata High-neck Sweatshirt Oksa

€ 89.00 EUR

HETKINEN & METSÄ/SKOGEN Taiga Forest scent drops

€ 28.00 EUR

Mugo Unisex Sweatshirt Tree Hugger

€ 89.00 EUR

Baccata Linen Robe

€ 119.00 EUR

Kesiya sweatshirt dress Tree Hugger white

€ 89.00 EUR









New Products

Forest remedies

HETKINEN & METSÄ/SKOGEN Birch foot & hand bath

€ 29.00 EUR

HETKINEN & METSÄ/SKOGEN Metsä/Skogen scent drops

€ 26.00 EUR

HETKINEN Bodybutter cypress-lemon

€ 33.00 EUR

HETKINEN Salt soap ball eucalyptus-lemon

€ 14.00 EUR

HETKINEN Deo scent spruce-cedarwood

€ 32.00 EUR

We at Metsä Skogen are making a pledge that
everything we do, we do with respect for nature,
in a sustainable manner and with transparency.

More about us

Flagship Store

Metsä/Skogen is a multisensory experience just like a real forest. It is an ecological concept store that offers products and services that draw from the abundance of the Northern forest and its refreshing, calming energy. It is a holistic lifestyle concept celebrating slow living.

Metsä/Skogen offers timeless high-quality lifestyle products that have 100 percent transparency in manufacturing and materials. The selection includes clothing, accessories, home goods and other essentials for creating the perfect ambience. Every product in Metsä/Skogen is made with love in Finland or manufactured locally (EU).

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