Wellness is the most precious gift you can give yourself or your loved ones. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the caress of our linen bath products, or pamper yourself with Finnish natural cosmetics. You’re worth it.

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The red treasure of the arctic wilderness is not only delicious, but also filled with beneficiary ingredients. People have used cranberries as a medicine against a range of ailments for a long time: a beverage made of grains, myrica gale and cranberries was consumed already in the Bronze Age. The oil extracted from cranberry seeds contains omega 3-, 6-, and 9 acids in perfect amounts for skin wellbeing.

Spruce sprout

Spruce sprouts are prominently health-beneficial early-summer treasures with a refined flavour. The antiseptic effects of the oils that spruces exude have been known since the old times, and thus spruce was used to clean the inside air. Spruce sprouts contain a lot of vitamins A and C, as well as minerals and antioxidants that help the body and skin to protect themselves against the stresses of modern life.


The beautiful, lace-like lichens are a well-known understory plant in Finnish forests, used often as decoration. However, they also contain lots of healthy substances: starch, lichen acids, proteins, fibres and even fats; vitamins A, B, and C and the precursor of vitamin D, ergosterol. Cladonia stellaris also contains usnic acid, which has antimicrobial qualities. Lichens absorb minerals from the soil, so they are an excellent source of minerals for your skin as well.

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HETKINEN Bodybutter pine-bergamot

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HETKINEN Salt soap ball pine-peppermint

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HETKINEN Hand balm birch-peppermint

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HETKINEN Lip balm pine-geranium

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HETKINEN & METSÄ/SKOGEN Metsä/Skogen scent drops

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