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Handmade ceramics brimg warmth to the table setting. Our collaborators have created unique tableware for everyday use, in respect to our values. Rough haptic surfaces that resembe tree bark, earthy tones, vibrant glazes and warm terracotta.


Linen is one of the most beautiful and traditional home textile materials. Its crisp yet soft feel enchants over and over again. Linen conforms to the life of the owner, and gets even better as time passes. Metsä/Skogen linen products are made sustainably in Lithuania, where linen manufacturing has long traditions.


We all know the original scent of the forest: the hard-to-describe but immediately memorable scent. What is the scent of your forest: the whiff of warm pine resin in dry summer heat, or a lush green spruce forest in summer rain? The earthy smell of late autumn? The Metsä/Skogen namesake scent is the aroma of forest in a bottle; so that you can bring your forest with you wherever you go.

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HETKINEN Scent diffuser pine forest

€ 49.00 EUR

HETKINEN Veggie candle MetsäSkogen

€ 29.00 EUR

KUPU aromadiffuuseri

€ 49.90 EUR

KURKI aromadiffuuseri

€ 49.90 EUR

OSMUNDA linen pillow cover

€ 19.00 EUR

OSMUNDA reversable linen sheet

€ 129.00 EUR