To the friends of healthy, delicious wild foods, for your kitchen at home or on a forest trek.

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Herbal Tea

Take time for wellness. Enjoy a cup of warm herbal tea on a rainy day, extract refreshing ice tea or grab the tea jar with you on a forest trek. The herbal tea contains healthy, naturally caffeine-free wild herbs from the Finnish nature: meadowsweet flowers and blakccurrant, raspberry and meadowsweet leaves. Meadowsweet contains the same acetylsalicylic acid as aspirin, and blackcurrant and raspberry leaves detoxify and calm the body.


Lingonberries grow in the whole Finland. It is the most common understory shrub. The vibrant lingonberry contains many flavonoids that function as antioxidants; one of them is the same that can be found in red wine and grapes. Lingonberries also contain kalium, vitamin C and lemon-, apple- and salicylic acids.

Wild mushrooms

Lawyer’s wig, hypholoma capnoides, cortinarius caperatus… Finnish forests are filled with luxury ingredients, that are not all that familiar for most people. Wild mushrooms offer a whole spectrum of taste experiences. Did you know that the taste of the almond woodwax is similar to licorice, and that the flavour and the scent of the candy cap resemble curry powder?


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